What is Europopmusic?

Europopmusic, short for European Pop Music, is basically popular music made in the countries of the European contignent. As stated in the Encyclopedia Britannica Europop is "a form of popular music made in Europe for general European consumption." Because Europop usually contains traces of their national musical origins (language, use of instruments, arrangements) the genre generally stays withing the cultural borders of Europe without crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Sprung from the mixture between popular traditional folk music and the popular culture blown over from America Europop started to take shape around the 60’s of the last century. But because the diversity of traditional elements around Europe the Europop became just as diverse.

Europop is often reffered to as "commercial music of any genre composed with deliberate intent to appeal to the majority of its contemporaries". In our definition this is not entirely true. European Popular music is music that is accessible to the general public but not perticually made to appeal that public. Enough examples can be found on this website that give ground to that assumption.

It is the general view that pop music stands in contrast to art music, which historically was the music of the elite and upper strata of society, and traditional music which was disseminated orally. We think that this viewpoint is incorrect. Pop music is not in contrast with art and folk but the result of the sum the two.

Hall, S. (1978) gives a good definition of what we gather is Europop in his article "Popular culture, politics, and history", in the Popular Culture Bulletin. "The assumption...that you might know before you looked at cultural traditions in general what, at any particular time, was a part of the elite culture or of popular culture is untenable." Richard Middleton ads to this definition in his Studying Popular Music (2002) "Thus popular music must be comprehended in relation to the broader musical field".

We like to add that not only should it be seen in the broader musical field but also in the broader social cultural sence. The essence of Europop is that it sounds the same on the surface but differs in detail. A good French pop song could never be made in Poland. It is this ungraspable local ingredient that springs from the countries culture, history and demography. It is this unity in diversity that makes Europop unique.