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Poland suffers from a bad image in a way that people who are not from Poland see the country as the pool where your local painter, farm-help or building constructor comes from. And those people lack the 'sophistication' we of course had in our years after WOII. Right? Wrong! If you think that you never been to Poland.

In fact Poland has a long history of being one of the most cultural evolved countries in Europe. With an empire that once stretched from the East sea to the Black sea. Let's face it, thanks to the Poles we finally found the scientific proof that the world was round. Musically Poland shows influences from composers like Chopin and folk music like the mazurka, Bohemian polka and polonaise. Poland should be famous for it's jazz scene during the communist regime and has an interesting pop and rock scene evolving in the seventies and eighties.

However, Poles are also people who easily adapt and are keen on international influences. So keen that they can throw their own culture overboard. I remember being spoken to by a group a kids in Krakow in 1999. They wanted to try their best English on us as they spoke in a sort of Eminem-slang with a lot of b***hes and f***k's and Ho's and Yo's. Weird. After a return in 2003 the pop culture already changed drastically with a lot of rap-acts with English lyrics and Anglo-American rock acts.

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