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Music forms an important part of Italy's social cultural history. Instrumental and vocal classical music is an iconic part of Italian identity, spanning experimental art music and international fusions to symphonic music and opera. Italian folk music is an important part of the country's musical heritage, and spans a diverse array of regional styles, instruments and dances. And then the Neapolitan song, canzone Napoletana, who plays an important part in the Italian pop scene.

The love of music can also be found in the fact that the Italians were among the first to take the popular song and singing competitions seriously with the San Remo festival. In fact without San Remo there would be no Eurovision. The Italians have also always been very stubborn with their musical history. It's like their eating culture. Recipies from outside Italy are duly noted, maybe even incorporated but in the end the local pasta rules supreme.

It is probably this stubbornes and pride about their local culture that Italy stepped out of the Eurovision competition. Too bad because a bit of that Italian smoothness and style is often missed at the current competition.

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