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8 september 1951

Cornelia Helena (Corry) Konings was born in Breda.  At the age of 15 she had some regional success as singer of the band De Mooks. Local recordshop owner introduced her to songwriter Pierre Kartner. He linked her to the band the Rekels (the Rascals) in 1969. Their first single as Corry & de Rekels was ‘Vaarwel, ik zal geen traan om je laten’ ('Goodbye, I wont shed a tear over you') which reached number 22 at the Top 40 hitlist. It was the second single ‘Huilen is voor jou te laat’ ('It’s too late for you to cry') in 1970 that meant her breakthrough. The song would go down in history as the longest charted song (41 weeks in a row).

The cooperation with the Rekels wasn’t long lasting. After three albums Conny went solo in 1972. She stayed popular in the 'Levenslied' segment but Dutch sung pop wasn’t very popular at the time so her chart success was waning. That said, songs like ‘Ik krijg een heel apart gevoel van binnen’ ('I get a funny feeling inside' ), ‘Hoe je heette dat ben ik vergeten’ ('I forgot your name') and ‘Adios amor’ were still big hits. In 1986 she recorded a duet album with other levenslied artists like Ronnie Tober and Koos Alberts. It took until 1990 before Corry had another big hit with ‘Mooi was die tijd’ (roughly translated as ‘The good old days’) from the album ‘Leven en laten leven’ ('Live and let live'). The song reached the 4th place in the charts.

In 1998 she establishes her own record company Volta to give new talent a chance. Artists like Grad Damen en Johan are signed to the label. In 1999 she records another duet album, this time with upcoming levenslied artist Frans Bauer. In 2004 Corry is briefly reunited with the Rekels for a reunion concert. In 2007 she decides to emigrate to Spain. The journey is postponed  because a an operation but in 2008 she leaves to the south of Spain. In her new hometown she opens a tapasbar. In 2007 the rumour is also spread that her 40th jubilee in 2009 will also be her farewell to her singing career.

On the web:

- Corry´s website: http://www.corrykonings.nl

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What do we think:

DB: The queen of the genre Levenslied. You can’t get more Dutch then this. What Dolly Parton is for the USA, Corry is for Holland. Tapping into the old Hoempa traditions Corry is as typical Dutch as tulips and Gouda cheese. I actually have no idea what non-Dutch speaking should think about her music, although it can’t be denied she has a good voice. Dutch pop purist will hate us for putting her on the same site as De Dijk, Blof and Borsato. Liking Corry isn’t considered cool but after a few beers every Dutchmen will sing along with her songs. Personally her music is to sweet to my liking.

PR: Corry has succeeded in building a musical career spanning four decades. That alone deserves respect. Taking into consideration that she only sings in Dutch and that she still holds the record for the longest charted song in Holland and you will understand that she is something special. Her music may be considdered 'corney' to some, but hey, if you still sell records after 40 years why change a winning recepy? I once attended a performance in the eastern (more rural) parts of Holland at a beer party. Without any difficulty, Corry created a great party and the crowd adored her (although the beers may have helped somewhat). However, only a true artist can achieve what Corry has. Warning: if you do not understand the Dutch language, try one of the many compilations before collecting all her discs. As DOUBLE BASS has already mentioned: we have no idea what non-Dutch speaking folks will think of her music.

Recommended albums:

- Corry en de Rekels  - 1970

- Corry en de Rekels 2  -1970

- Leven en laten leven  -1990

♪♪♪- 25 Jaar - Mooi was die tijd  (Compilation)

- Onvergetelijk  -1999 

Further listening:
- Corry en de Rekels 3  -1971
- Corry  -1976
- Gewoon zoals ik ben  -1977
- Adios amor  -1982
- Corry met en voor vrienden  -1986
- Corry & Koos  -1987
- Voor jou alleen  -1988
- Morgen komt alles goed  -1993
- Achter de horizon  -1996
- Frans Bauer & Corry Konings  -1999

♪♪♪♪♪ = outstanding album, an absolute must-have
♪♪♪♪ = great album, highly recomended
♪♪♪ = nice album
♪♪ = be careful, requires listening before buying
♪ = best to be avoided


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