Our idea that every European country has it's own musical signature and that music sung it the country's own language is often preferable over bad English is cultivated to the max in France.

With a governement demanding a quota of 40% French sung music on the radio and a culture who is very proud about it's own language it is almost inevitable that a wide and diverse music scene florishes. Losing a lot of interest in the other European countries since the end of the sixties France kept it's music scene very much alive.

Besides political influence it is also considered very cool to sing in french in France. This as opposed to (for instance) Scandinavia and the Benelux where you're not taken serious if you do that. And they are not promiscuious about musical styles frequently mixing rock and pop with chanson and folk.

Although countries like Italy and Spain also know a lot of local talent the 40% quotum kept the French scene economically healthy. Which is, in these days of illegal downloading, worth a compliment.








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