About us

We are DOUBLE BASS (1969) and PAUL ROYAL (1971) and we live in the Netherlands. We've been buying and collecting music since the eighties. One strictly on vinyl, the other strictly on compact disc. Starting as most music lovers with radio and the anglo-saxon music, we gradually became aware of the music that could not be heard on Dutch radio but was popular in other countries.

Influencial for this was early MTV (shows like '120 minutes' always had a keen eye for international underground acts), the Europarade and of course the Eurovision song contest. On our visits to other European countries we started to collect pop music that was typical for that country or region. Mind you, we wanted pop and rock, not folk. Or not esspecially because we do like the hybrid forms.

In doing so we not only moved away from the common ground of regular collectors but also from the genre shops file under 'world music' and collectors that focussed on the sixties (when italian and french music was popular and still is highly collectable). We realised we were operating in a niche; each time when we visited the European music fair in Utrecht, we had to weed through truckloads of Deep Purple and Pink Floyd in order to find the gems we seek.

This left us in a sort of twilight zone where we discovered artists, music scenes and genres while we went along. The language barrier and different musical traditions make it even more difficult. Talking to shopkeepers across Europe always was a source of information although they we always suprised that we were genuinly interested in THEIR pop scene and not the international one.

Altogether we assembled a record collection that is a cross section of European pop. Maybe is not one of it's kind, although we like to think so, but gathering from reactions of other collectors it is special in it's own way due to the fact that all items are assembled in one collection. Instead of sitting on this treasure chest of Europop we decided to build a website filled with all the info we gathered on our trips.

Apart from creating a webspot with lots of information on European popmusic, we also added our own personal touch throughout the website. In the end, music is first and foremost a personal thing and a matter of taste (as is all art). We want to share our personal opinions, notes and tastes with you. We hope this might be helpful to you when you start getting introduced to the ouput of some of these artists.

Since we often disagree with each other on what record is or is not the must have record of an artist (etc. etc....) we both added our personal comments per artist. DOUBLE BASS' comments are indicated blue with the initials DB; PAUL ROYALs comments are indicated green and have the initials PR. In case you absolutely (dis)agree on a personal comment, you know who to adress to... (info@europopmusic.eu).