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The term Turkish pop music first was used in 1964 with the release of duo Tülay German and Erdem Buri's single "Yarının Şarkısı" (Tomorrow's Song). On the record's sleeve they coin the term "Turkish pop music. The first original composition was released in 1967 by Timur Selçuk called "Ayrılanlar İçin" (Early one morning). Other performers that laid the basis for Anatolian pop were Doruk Onatkut, Erdem Buri and Tülay German.

The Turkish Rock movement is believed to have began in the 1950s with the arrival of The Shadows and developed further during the next decade with the increasing popularity of Western music acts. With coming of The Beatles small bands sprung up everywhere. This triggered the national newspaper Hΰrriyet to organise a talent contest under the title Altin Mikrofon. There was an interesting rule namely that musicians had to compose a song in Turkish or a re-arrange traditional tune. Also they had to perform their song with western instruments.
Artists and bands like Cem Karaca (Safinaz, 1978), Barış Manço (solo and with the band Kaygisizlar) and Moğollar emerged in this time and are popular upon today.
Turkish cinema was also influencial on the popularity of pop music. The Union of Turkish Film Producers, and the State Film Archives also were established in the 1960s. Turkish cinema had its peak in 1970, when approximately 220 films were made and this figure reached 300 in 1972. An actress like Ajda Pekkan featured in more that 47 musical Turkish films. Ajda’s first recording, "Her Yerde Kar Var", an arrangement of Belgian singer Salvatore Adamo's "Tombe la Neige" by Fecri Ebcioğlu, brought her great success in 1965. In contrast to many of her contemporaries, she transited from film to music and in 1968 her record, İki Yabancı (Two Strangers), became a top seller. Another actress/singer that would grew popular in the seventies is Neşe Karaböcek. She would record albums with composers like Oğuz Abadan and Orhan Gencebay.
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