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In the last decade, there has been a growth of Turkish rock bands such as Mor ve Ötesi, Çilekeş, Dorian, Duman and maNga, the latter having won the "Best Rock Band" award in almost all polls in 2005. The specific influences acting upon these bands fall into a wide range of genres, from the Seattle Sound to heavy or doom metal and rapcore.
Also electronic music gets a Turkish twist by Mercan Dede who incorporates traditional instruments from Turkey and other parts of the world, with horns, drum'n'bass dance beats, ambient electronic music and a Sufi spirituality.

Turkey finally wins the Eurovision in 2003 with Sertab Erener singing the song Everyway That I Can, co-written by Demir Demirkan. The 2005 German movie ‘Crossing the bridge’ by German-Turkish director Faith Akin can also be named as an influence of acceptance of Turkish pop in Europe. In it Alexander Hacke, a German musician and member of the band "Einstürzende Neubauten" travels to Istanbul to get to know the music scene. His sparse voice overs of what he experiences are a guiding line through the film. But mainly he lets various artists from Istanbul do the talking - and of course their music.

In the new millenium a new group of performers entered the scene of which Emre Aydin. Hande Yener and Serdar Ortac gained much popularity.