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Gåte (Norwegian for riddle) is a Norwegian playing folk music bred with metal, electronica, sometimes called progressive folk-rock. The key members are brother and sister Sundli. Sveinung Sundli was born July 21, 1979 and is the brother of Gunnhild, born July 2, 1985. The family Sundli grew up in Orkdeil, Norway and later moved to Trondheim.

Sveinung began learning to play the fiddle at an early age, and studied music in high school. Gunnhild focused on singing starting at the age of nine and gradually singing both classical and jazz music. She has a degree in singing from Heimdal high school ('Heimdal videregående skole'). Sveinung first persuaded Gunnhild to start singing in front of an audience. Later this resulted in the band Gåte. In Gåte he plays keyboards/synths, the acoustic fiddle and electric Zeta-fiddle.

Signed by Warner music in 2000 they released two e.p.’s before coming up with their debut album ‘Jygri’ in 2002. The interesting mix of styles gripped the attention of the Norwegian alternative scene and the band sold 40.000 copies of their debut. Some songs of Gåte are original compositions but many come from traditional Norwegian folk songs and are reworked. Some songs are based on the poems of the Norwegian poet Astrid Krog Halse (25 January 1914 - 7 February 2007) who also lived in Trondheim. Some reworked poems on the debut are ‘Følgje’ ('Companion') and ‘Stengd dør’ ('Closed door').

In 2003 Sveinung got the idea for a big music festival in Norway, which became a reality in 2004 as Storåsfestivalen ('The Storåsfestival'). The festival of course headlined his own band who just released their second album Iselilja. The album again featured some poems of Krog Halse namely ‘Fredlysning’, ‘Du som er ung’ and ‘Sjåaren’.

On September 6, 2005 the band announced that they would 'take a break' to pursue other projects, mostly because of Gunnhild's desire to do something else. In February 2006 she started her acting career with her debut in the cabarett ‘Cafe Isogaisa’ by Hans Rotmo, and continued in June in the role as Anna in ‘Korsvikaspillet’ in Trondheim. At the present she acts in Ibsen's ‘Villanden’, at Trøndelag Teater. In 2006 a live cd and dvd of the band was released.

Sveinung recently formed a band which has Råte as its working title. In 2007 their inspiratition Krog Halse died in Trondheim. In 2012 Gunnhild presents a new single 'Gi mæ fred'.

On the web:

- Gåte's official website: http://www.gaate.no
- Gunnhild's official website: http://www.gunnhildsundli.no

What do we think:

PR: Despite the fact that we have only one album of this band, DOUBLEBASS thought they deserved a section on this website. Although I am not (yet) overblown by their album, I have to admit their sound is fresh and - yes - typical Scandanavian. The band seems to consist of some creative folks and I guess I will have to look for some more material... To be continued...?

DB: Interesting band from Norway blending folk traditions, metal and symphonic music into one. You could hear Mari Boine on metal in them, or Opeth in a folky mood. All sung in their native tongue Gåte proofs that you can be popular abroad with the right music. Too bad their activities are (hopefully temporary) on hold.

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? - Jygri - 2002

♪♪♪ - Iselilja - 2004

? - Liva (live) - 2006

♪♪♪♪♪ = outstanding album, an absolute must-have
♪♪♪♪ = great album, highly recomended
♪♪♪ = nice album
♪♪ = be careful, requires listening before buying
♪ = best to be avoided


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