Summer hits

According to encyclopedia a Summer hit is: “a term in entertainment industry which refers to a title (song, album, film) released and peaked in its popularity during summer and often later quickly faded away”. We like to add to this definition that a true summerhit is usually picked up in the country where people spend their vacation and take the song back to keep the memory alive. No wonder that a lot of summer hits originate in Mediterranean countries. Sun, sea and pleasant times work as catalyst for merry sunny tunes. And apparently people seem to be a lot more receptive to strange languages with a summer hit then they are in other seasons.

As the definition says a summer hit’s chart position usually quickly fades, but in terms of a souvenir we tend to disagree. European popmusic delivered some classic tracks some of which still bring out that summer feeling. For this special summer page we started to browse the European charts to find what Europop songs where in fact classics in the summer hit category. The oldest we could find was ‘Danse de Zorba’ by Trio Helenique, one of the latest is of course O-zone’s ‘Dragonstea din teï’ which was a megahit a few years back.

Below you’ll find 20 summer hits over the years. The European public voted en masse in summer 2009. Rumours spread fast through the social networks (and even to the croatian shownews, click here for the item) and we got way over a 1.500 voters supporting their favorite artist or song.

Subjective? of course, but aren't all these polls. It also shows the generation gap because the top 5 are all hits originating in the last ten years. In fact only Matia Bazar's 'Ti Sento' was able to keep up and gained 3,44% of the votes The winner of the poll is an even bigger suprise. Severina's 'Ante' was the only song which was never a pan-european hit. We slipped it in as a personal favorite and because the song does it extremely well when we play it at disco-parties. In the end 'Ante' gained 44,3% of the votes and can call itself your favourite summerhit. Maybe a reason for a recordcompany to release it in other countries?

See below for the final results

Alizee - Moi Lolita (France) 1.94%
Eros Ramazotti - Ma che bello questo amore (Italy) 0.54%
In-Grid - Tu es foutu (France) 1.18%
Jarabe de Palo - Bonito (Spain) 11.4%
Jody Bernal - Que si que no (Netherlands) 0%
Juan Pardo - No me hables (Spain) 0.22%
Julien Clerc - This melody (France) 0%
Julio Iglesias - Quiereme mucho (Spain) 0.32%
Matia Bazar - Ti sento (Italy) 3.44%
Matthias Reim - Verdammt ich lieb dich (Germany) 0.54%
Mecano - Hijo de la luna (Spain) 0.75%
Michel Delpech - Pour un flirt (France) 0.22%
O-Zone - Dragonstea din teï (Rumania) 23.01%
Pino d'Angio - Ma quelle idea (Italy) 1.08%
Richeira - Vamos a la playa (Italy) 0.86%
Severina - Ante (Croatia) 44.3%
Tarkan - Şımarık (Turkey) 5.48%
The Shorts - Comment ca va (Netherlands) 0%
Tiziano Ferro - Perdone (Italy) 4.41%
Trio helenique - Danse de Zorba (Greece) 0.32%







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