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The festival of San Remo has played a major influence in the cantautori tradition and the development of Italian pop music since it’s start in 1953. Writers like Pier Paolo Pasolini Franco Fortini and Alberto Arbasino added to the intellectual element of the lyrics. The first ‘pop’ kind of song (Ciao to dirò)was performed in 1957 by Adriana Celentano accompanied by Enzo Jannacci on piano, Giorgio Gaber on guitar and Luigi Tenco on sax. But it was the winner of 1958, Domenico Modugno and his song Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (also known as Volare) that gripped the hearts of the international public and so gave the start sign for the Italian pop scene.

The success of Modugno can be seen (according to several sources) as the savior of the San Remo festival and Italian pop. And is also indirect the push for Carlo Emanuele Ricordi (Nanni for friends) for starting the first Italian record label Casa Ricordi. The first EP from the label is from Luigi Tenco with the band Cavalieri called Mai / Mi Chiedi solo amore.

The festival and the label bring forth an outburst from Italian popular music with artists like Mina, Milva, Ornella Vanoni, Fabrizio De André and Gigliola Cinquetti. Internationally Italian pop music is considered of high standing compositions since a lot of the Italian songs get translated covers around the world.

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